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     The Complex of Engineering Schools in Toruń is an organization, of 70 year old tradition where students are educated in a typical environmental branches of professions that are defined as multi-profiled. Here are the following profiles of our education:

  • technician of landscape architecture,
  • technician of environmental engineering,
  • technician of renewable devices and system services,
  • technician of veterinary science.

     According to an existing  law, in terms of classifying vocational jobs and school subjects, to get a technician degree in professions mentioned above  one has to pass exams which proves two qualifications.

     Creation of new directions and profiles in our school is the  answer to incoming changes both parents and students awareness and also due to many signals of  constant declining quality of services and problems with finding a good  vocational experts. The job market is full of  well-educated unemployed people with only comprehensive and general knowledge and skills, which is the consequence of attractive vision of an easy and cheap access to education. Whereas the vocational schooling  requires a lot of financial budget in terms of modern laboratory- classrooms, well- educated teachers, attractive vocational work practice time and finally exams that prove received professional qualifications for the  future jobs. Gradual change in opinions and expectations appeals to an interest in vocational schools which offer qualifications and degree of secondary technician level and general knowledge of secondary  school level which ends up with a state external exams.

      In our school, which recently celebrated 70 year old time in October 2015 that was also patronized by The President of Toruń, has got 10 class units. Our school is one of the most developing and modern schools in the whole region. We  closely keep in touch with our graduates, who have already achieved  vocational success .Our school is also in a constant relation with the regional and state job centres and we have  signed agreements of cooperation with upper schools and other entrepreneurs and companies related to environmental engineering and melioration, landscape architecture and renewable and protection of environment. Moreover, our school takes part in many  local and state Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ Projects (Slovenia, Germany and the Czech Republic) which make us open and ready for further  international cooperation on a lot of fields.


If you find us an attractive partner for any cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us on sekretariat@zsis.edu.pl or visit our website www.zsis.edu.pl